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Why Sky Box Sets? 

Recently I’ve been thinking about switching my TV provider, and I finally settled on going with Sky. In what is totally not an attempt to wildly justify my purchases, I’ve decided to run through the reasons why I chose Sky, particularly Sky Atlantic, and let you know why you might want to join me.

Come on, please validate me!

Exclusivity – Sky Atlantic is the first place to catch up on new series of top shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld. 

Britannia – One of the most anticipated new shows of the year, the second series of this vivid historical drama stars David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook and Zoe Wanamaker in the tale of the legendary British warrior woman who fought off the Romans in the first century AD. 

Save Me –  This intense drama, another Sky Original Production, is about a man searching for his missing daughter and stars Suranne Jones and Lennie James. 

Patrick Melrose – One of Sky Atlantic’s most ambitious series ever, and one of its most highly acclaimed. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the titular character, and also produced this adaptation of Edward St Aubyn’s cult classic novels about the decadence of the English upper middle class. 

The Tunnel: Vengeance – The final series of this show, a reboot of a Nordic noir, came to its gripping conclusion, as French and English detectives worked together to solve crimes. People are still talking about its shocking final twist. 

Best American Imports – Sky Atlantic is the place to see all the latest top shows from the States, including WestworldBig Little Lies and the new season of Billions, starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. 

Award-Winning Drama – Sky Atlantic is home to the top award winners, such as Game of Thrones (awarded the most Emmys in TV history), not to mention Big Little Lieswhich cleared up at this year’s Golden Globe Awards®, winning four awards. 

Top Talent – Sky Atlantic is home to the top talent on TV, with big stars onscreen such as Suranne Jones  – in Save Me – and Nicole Kidman –  in Big Little Lies. Offscreen, there are such guiding hands as JJ Abrams (the man behind Lost, and the Star Trek and Star Wars reboots) working on Westworld, and Jez Butterworth (top British playwright behind Jerusalem and The Ferrymanonboard Britannia. Smartypants Benedict Cumberbatch produces AND stars in Patrick Melrose, because he can. 

Travel Through Space and Time – With Sky Atlantic, you can be in Britain in the first century AD with Britannia, 1980s New York with Patrick Melroseor in a fantasy world with dragons in Game of Thrones. 

Spoiler Alert! – Sky Atlantic is where the shows that people talk about are – if you want to hold your own in those watercooler conversations at work, here’s your ticket.  

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