My Favourite Horror Films – Part 2

In what feels like just yesterday, I ran you through some of my favourite horror films in order to celebrate the sudden growth and critical explosion of the genre. Now I’m back again with even more spooky recommendations to scare the pants off of you.

Make sure all the lights are on and your front door is shut, and then let’s get started.

It Comes at Night – It’s the end of the world again, but it’s rarely been as thrillingly done as it is here. A plague’s wiped out humanity, and survivalist Joel Edgerton is trying to survive in the middle of nowhere with his wife and daughter. Then, a stranger arrives with his family – should they be taken in? Should they be trusted? This is a film which swaps gore for suspense and is all the scarier for it. 

Raw – As unlikely as it may seem, the French have been making some of the best horror films this century, and Julia Ducorneau’s debut Raw is no exception. Perhaps the most French thing about Raw is that the film’s about food. Except this film tells, in full gory detail, the progress of a vegetarian veterinary student’s journey from rediscovering the joys of eating meat again, to the more dubious pleasures of consuming human flesh.

The Exorcist – I mean, I wasn’t exactly not going to include this on a list of my favourites. While The Exorcist might seem a little old hat these days, and its effects, in particular, might be more amusing than horrifying, back when it released in 1973 it was anything but dull. The Exorcist helped to show the heights that horror could reach when it was treated with a sense of sincerity which was sorely missing from its genre predecessors, like the Hammer Horror films. Aside from being a genuinely scary film, The Exorcist was also something of a technical marvel at the time, with its practical effects and use of camera tracking particularly revolutionary.

Well, that about does it for these lists. There are plenty more horror films that I adore, but after reading these lists you might be feeling a little chilled, so I’m going to leave it at that and say goodbye to the scares.












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