Best Movies of The Second Half of 2018

2018 is set to be another really exciting year for cinema, one in which imaginative approaches to drama have triumphed in the shape of films such as The Shape of Water and A Quiet Placewhile superhero films have hit new heights with Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.  With such a packed first half of the year, you might be forgiven for thinking that the rest of the year’s lineup will pale in comparison – well you’d be wrong there!

The second half of the year looks to be just as fantastic as the first, so here are five films from later in the year that I’m really looking forward to catching at the cinema. 


After such films as Hunger and Twelve Years A Slave, Steve McQueen has to be the best British director at work. His new film sees him relocate to Chicago, however, transplanting the novel (and groundbreaking 80s TV series) that made Lynda LaPlante’s name to the Windy City. The plot?  When four armed robbers are killed in an art heist, their widows step in to finish off the theft. Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Daniel Kaluuya are among the all-star cast revisiting the scene of the crime. 

First Man  

Damian Chazelle has become one of the hottest young directors in Hollywood on the strength of Whiplash and La La Land. For First Man he reunites with the star of the latter for a biopic of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Partly shot on IMAX 70mm, the trailer looks suitably stunning. 

The Kid Who Would Be King 

We loved Joe Cornish’s hoodies vs aliens directorial debut Attack the Blockand we’re very excited about his sophomore feature, The Kid Who Would Be KingHere he reworks Arthurian legend as the most powerless schoolboy in Britain comes into possession of the most powerful sword, Excalibur. Patrick Stewart takes the role of King Arthur’s wizard, Merlin. 

Alita: Battle Angel 

James Cameron tends to defy conventional wisdom and break box office records with his films – will his latest buck the trend? This time he’s only acting as producer, on Robert Rodriguez’s live action adaptation of the classic manga series. Rosa Salazar is sporting big anime eyes in the lead, with our favourite bad guy Christoph Weitz as the evil Dr Ido.  

The Incredibles 2 

There has to be one superhero movie on the list – it’s just maybe not the most conventional. The Incredibles was one of the biggest movies of the noughties, and with the general trend of sequelitis in Hollywood, it’s a surprise that there hasn’t been a sequel till now. But a decade and a half later, director Brad Bird has returned and the superhero family will be dusting down their supersuits, while Mr Incredible tries out the role of stay-at-home dad. 


2018 is all set to bring us more cinematic gems, but if you miss them in the cinema, remember that you can always watch them on TV as soon as they leave the cinema screens with service like Sky.  

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